Quality Brands of Masks

3M 1860 / 1826 Face Masks

TH Seller Ref.



Supply Capability

SOP & Prices




100 million

up to 20 billion



50 million

up to 20 billion



50 million

up to 10 billion

3 Ply Surgical Masks – OTG (USA/EU)

Seller Ref. No.



Capability Stock

SOP & Prices




5 million

up to 200 million


OTG/CIF Germany

1-5 million

up to 500 million


OTG LA/Texas

10 million

up to 2 billion

Find the Best Quality of OTG Cranberry and Cardinal Nitrile Gloves Here!

Looking for some supreme OTG Cranberry and Cardinal Nitrile Gloves from some reliable dealers? Then you have found the right site because, Longfellows.Agency. Co. Ltd. is one of the well-renowned corporates that offers you the top-quality Nitrile gloves and that too in the prices which you can easily afford. We are a firm of well-skilled and experienced professionals who always prioritize the respected customers first. Longfellows.Agency has the best quality, best rates, and the best services to offer our clients. We make sure all our local and international customers remain satisfied with our services. Moreover, the nitrile gloves we manufacture fulfill all the international standards which also makes us the most in-demand Cardinal Nitrile Gloves Allocation Holder.

Why Choose the Cardinal Nitrile Gloves Allocation Holder?

The quality nitrile gloves we provide are superior and meets all our customer’s expectations as well as the global criteria. Besides, we offer you these OTG Cranberry and Cardinal Nitrile Gloves in bulk and at wholesale rates so that our customers can prosper their businesses. We give our clients all reasons to choose us, especially because of our remarkable services. Also, the nitrile gloves we manufacture have the following benefits to serve.


  1. It can withstand different chemicals.
  2. These gloves can perfectly fit your hands.
  3. The size we make prevents these gloves from falling off your hands.
  4. These gloves are apt to deal with infectious agents and corrosive materials.
  5. It can protect against solvents and oils.
  6. They are also effective against viruses.
  7. We also offer customized colors and sizes for workplace convenience.

Enjoy the Best Customer Care Services

Longfellows.Agency is a firm of reliable Cardinal Nitrile Gloves Allocation Holder that has the best services to offer which you deserve. We are divided into different departments, including production, customer care, sales, finance, etc. We offer you on-time delivery and make sure that the shipments never get delayed. Also, the after-sales service department always checks that the packages reach you safely. Besides, we are always active on our sites to answer your queries so that you can have here a happy shopping experience. We offer these quality OTG Cranberry and Cardinal Nitrile Gloves for different purposes, like for examination, house working, health sectors, experiments, food preparations, industries, Laboratories, etc.


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